Be Killing Sin

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“Be Killing Sin is a heart-penetrating read and profitable for both new and seasoned believers who sincerely desire to be exhorted regarding the danger of personal sin and educated in the biblical means of defeating sin in their lives. I highly recommend Dr. Steele’s uncompromising and practical book on this much-needed topic!”


Senior Pastor, Spring Creek Bible Church

“I was discipled as a young Christian under the ministry of David Steele. For years, I witnessed his life and sat under his faithful preaching and teaching. I know no man who is more well-read, self-disciplined, or biblically and theologically astute. For decades, one of Pastor Dave’s specialties has been apologetics and engagement with cultural issues, teaching followers of Jesus to be discerning, “think Christianly,” and live for the glory of God in all that they do. So, what you’ll receive in Be Killing Sin is guidance that is as biblically grounded as it gets, and which speaks practically to the issues of sin in our culture and in our hearts. If you need help in the fight against sin (and we all do), take up and read!”


Senior Pastor, Homestead Country Gathering, La Grande, OR

“Dr. David Steele’s book, Be Killing Sin, is an excellent reminder of how every believer ought to live the Christian life on a daily basis. Pastor David provides a strategic blueprint for “fighting the good fight of faith,” while standing against the world, the flesh, and the devil with God’s armor in place. In addition to the clear biblical teaching that permeates this book, David also provides a treasure chest of valuable quotes, references, and biblical truths that you will want to access time and again. I highly recommend that you add this book to your library and read it repeatedly to fortify your soul against the temptations and struggles we all have with sin.”


Pastor Emeritus, Faith Bible Church, Hood River, OR

“If you talk about sin in our day, you might get some interesting stares from people, even in the Church. Even in the Church today, a large segment thinks sin is a dirty word, and they believe that perhaps we should do away with it. The only problem is if you do away with sin or even talk about it, you do away with the reason Christ came, bled, died, and rose again. If you minimize sin, you minimize the glory of the grace of God. If you live however you want, you minimize the glory of Christ and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit who resides in every Christian. If you think you can live however you want or that there are no differences between a man and a woman, you undermine the clear teaching of Scripture. Understanding sin in our day is vital to rightly understand the prescribed medicine in the finished and sufficient work of the Lord Jesus. A surgeon doesn’t deal only with some of the symptoms; he aims to get to the heart of the problem and deal with the issue so the patient is helped and can recover appropriately. With the skill of a surgeon, from the hand of a seasoned pastor- teacher of God’s Word, and the mind of a scholar, David Steele has gifted the Church with a magnificent and needed book in Be Killing Sin: The Art of War on the Battlefield of Faith. Whether you think sin is a “little matter” or a grave matter, this book is needed in a day that devalues sin and focuses on psychological aspects of our humanity, which causes us to look first to ourselves, or worse, to find a cure that isn’t possible outside of Christ. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I encourage you to read this book, to be taught from Scripture about sin, the glory of Christ, and how putting on Christ in all of life is not some part of the Christian life; it is the whole of the Christian life because of our union with Christ.”


Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries, Executive Director, Theology for Life Magazine, Host, Equipping You in Grace, Author, The Word Explored and the Word Matters

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