Dr. Al Mohler concluded the first night of Together for the Gospel by unpacking eight trajectories that have contributed to an adjusted gospel.

1. The Modern Trajectory is the liberal worldview that embraces naturalism and includes the Bultmann’s project and the so-called Quest for the Historical Jesus.

2. The Post-Modern Trajectory includes the denial of propositional truth and the ascendency of relativism.  Mohler rightly maintains that the post-moderns are running out of doctrines to deny!  He also warned pastors to beware of the danger of doctrinal fatigue, i.e. giving up the fight for orthodoxy which would result in disaster.

3. The Moral Trajectory compromises the gospel by denying key doctrinal realities such as the substitutionary atonement, propitiation, the wrath of God.  This trajectory makes an appeal to “fairness.”  Mohler compared the writings of Brian McLaren to Fosdick and contends that “McLaren is light years from Fosdick!”

4. The Aesthetic Trajectory simply recoils at difficult doctrines.

5. The Therapeutic Trajectory sees mankind as sick instead of evil as the Bible portrays.  This trajectory is a serious threat to the gospel and is rooted in the ideology of James, Freud, Jung, and Oprah.

6. The Pragmatic Trajectory compromises the gospel by placing emphasis on results.

7. The Emotional Trajectory focused on the doctrinal compromises of Schleirmacher.

8. The Materialist Trajectory focused on misplaced affection on the things of this world.

Dr. Mohler’s message was a powerful polemic that reaffirmed the importance of maintaining clear orthodox sideboards and refusing to adjust the gospel.  His message was a vivid reminder that any addition or subtraction to the gospel is in reality a false gospel.

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