The Influence of Spurgeon: A Boon for the Soul


Charles Haddon Spurgeon was born on this date, June 19, 1834 – one hundred and seventy-six years ago.  I got to thinking about the influence that Spurgeon has had on my thinking, theology, and Christian life.  This thought led to another interesting tidbit.  I have been influenced by many Christian men over the years – most of whom I have never met.  On Spurgeon’s birthday, consider a few noteworthy men who have played a role in my life.  I commend their lives and writings to you.

C.H. Spurgeon Courage in the face of adversity, an unwavering trust in God’s sovereign purposes, rock-solid commitment to prayer, and a die-hard, Christ-exalting determination in the pulpit.

Jonathan Edwards The sovereignty of God in all things.

John Owen The glory of Christ, communion with Christ, and the death of death in the death of Christ.

John BunyanWarm-hearted devotion and Pilgrim’s Progress.

John CalvinHumility, contrition, and trembling before God’s Word.

Martin Luther Commitment to truth and rediscovering justification by faith.

William Tyndale – Zeal for translating the Word of God into the language of the common man.

Thomas Watson Courage under fire and commitment to biblical principles.

Polycarp Refusing to bend under pressure.  An enemy of pragmatism.

Martyn-Lloyd Jones Biblical preaching/logic on fire!

Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone, David Brainerd Missionary zeal.

John PiperDelighting in God and the fight for joy.

Al Mohler – Confronting culture with the unchanging truths of Scripture.

Francis Schaeffer Heart for lost people, love for truth, and biblical worldview.

John MacArthur Faithfulness in the pulpit.

Steven Lawson Expository preaching.

R.C. Sproul – The holiness of God and Reformed theology.

Ron Nash – Christ-saturated intellectual and spiritual passion.

John Frame The doctrine of God.

J.I. Packer Knowing God and Christian creeds.

Wayne Grudem Systematic theology and a biblical understanding of the Trinity.

David A. Steele (Dad) Commitment to Scripture, leadership, and personal integrity.

Wayne Pickens Patiently and lovingly shepherding the flock, commitment to truth, and personal integrity.

Bruce A. Ware – High view of God and the authority of Scripture, and a commitment to the eternal relations of authority and submission in the Trinity.

Don Robinson – Evangelistic zeal, bold resolve.

Cal Blom Pastoral faithfulness, spiritual disciplines, and integrity.

David Needham – Lover of God and family.

Ron Frost – Approach to God and scholarship.

Hugh Salisbury Evangelistic zeal and love God and people.



One thought on “The Influence of Spurgeon: A Boon for the Soul

  1. I never met Spurgeon, but I have a good story about Hugh Salisbury. Back in the day, my dad owned a Chevron service station in Portland. That was back went they were “service” stations, not gas stations. Service was actually offered. My dad offered free pick-up and delivery when you had your car worked on, which means they would have an employee drive you home or to work, etc. My dad and Hugh were friends, an Hugh was dropping his car off for some work. He told my dad he wanted Dick to drive him home. Dick was dad’s hard, tough lead mechanic, and he had worked for my dad for some time. Hugh said he’d been praying about it, and felt like God wanted him to share the gospel with Dick. So there Dick was, on the time-clock, locked in the cab of Dad’s Chevy pick-up, just doing his job driving Hugh home. Dick came back to work that day with a smile on his face and destined for Heaven. Even though Dad knew Dick was a particularly hard case, he wasn’t surprised Hugh took him on. It was Hugh’s job, and he was good at it. I need to be more like Hugh. Evangelistic zeal.

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