A SIMPLE WAY TO PRAY – Archie Parrish (2011)

The Kindle edition of A Simple Way to Pray by Archie Parrish is a welcome complement to the growing amount of Reformed literature.

Luther spells out his approach to prayer as he approaches the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, and Apostles’ Creed: “Take care not to undertake … so much that one becomes weary in spirit … It is enough to consider one section or half a section which kindles (no word play here … Guttenberg had only recently invented moveable type!) a fire in the heart … If in the midst of such thoughts the Holy Spirit begins to preach in your heart with rich, enlightening thoughts, honor Him by letting go of this written scheme; be still and listen to Him who can do better than you can do.  Remember what He says and note it well and you will behold wondrous things in the law of God.”

A Simple Way to Pray is a much-needed work in our day of prayerlessness. I am reminded that every major move of God in church history has been fueled by prayer.  Oh that the church would spend time on her knees.  We look forward to a new reformation and revival.  We long for a church that cherishes God’s Word, refuses to compromise God’s Word and is blood-earnest about fulfilling the Great Commission to the glory of God!

Semper Reformanda!

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