A GOSPEL PRIMER – Milton Vincent (2008)

A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent is a straightforward book that describes the essence of the gospel.  The author argues that the gospel must be rehearsed on a consistent basis.  Indeed, we must preach the gospel to ourselves every day. “Preaching the gospel to myself is a great way to keep God’s amazing love before my eyes, so that I might experience its power to produce in me a passionate love for Him in return.”  Resting in the reality of the gospel yields fruit to the glory of God.

The author moves from doctrinal propositions concerning the gospel to a “gospel narrative” that poetically unpacks the principles of the gospel.

Vincent shares his personal testimony that many believers can identify with.  Early in his Christian walk, he sought to merit favor in God’s eyes, i.e. “maintain his justified status” before God. He came to the realization that justification can never be earned.  “This favored standing with God has nothing to do with my performance,” he writes, “but only with the performance of Jesus!”

A Gospel Primer is a powerful portrait of biblical truth.  Believers of all stripes will be moved, challenged, and convicted by this terrific book.  Highly recommended.

4 stars

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