RECKLESS – Jeremy Camp (2013)

5099930140257_1800x1800_300dpi.170x170-75From time to time, a Christian artist will release an album that is special – one the grabs the hearts and inspires.  Jeremy Camp’s new release, Reckless is such an album.  Anyone that follows Jeremy Camp will confess that he is the real deal.  Camp is an authentic man of God with a heart for young people.  While he continues to remain musically relevant,  the lyrics in his songs keep getting better and better.  There is a depth of transparency, boldness for Christ, that is layered in gospel-centered tones.

The title track thunders with conviction as Camp wears his gospel-centeredness on his sleeve:

I wanna be reckless
Cause You are endless
I wanna be shameless
And shout Your greatness
I will not be afraid
To surrender my way
And follow who You are
I wanna be reckless, reckless

The Way You Love Me points listeners to the sovereign King who died for the sins of everyone who would ever believe:

The servant and creator
The Son of Man
Born to die for strangers

We learn to love one another
Through the love of the Father
Who gave a righteous King

Free is a fast-moving gospel anthem that celebrates the freedom that Christ brings:
Covered by Your mercy
Captured by a hope that will always remain
I can stop and breathe now
Resting in the shelter of Your name
You reached out to me
And now I sing

And I am free
And I am free
My sin was wrapped around me
Trying to drown me
You have set me free
And I am free
And I am free
The chains that held me tightly
Are finally lifting
You took this weight from me

We Must Remember, in my mind is the most moving track on the album.  Camp glories in the penal subsitutionary atonement that is set to slow driving rock that builds throughout the song which ends in a crescendo that gives glory to God:

We must remember
That You have forgotten
And You don’t remember our sins anymore
We must remember
That You have forgotten
And You, You died once and for all

You are the God that bore our shame
You are the taker of our pain
And we know that You are, yes You are
The one true life we need

You are the pure and spotless Lamb
You are the only Great I Am
And we know that You are, yes You are
The God of the redeemed

Reckless is an album worth getting.  I anticipate it to be used is a great way to the glory of God in the months to come!

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