STRYPER – No More Hell to Pay (2013)

stryper albumThere’s a buzz in the music world.  Veteran rockers, Stryper have released their latest original studio album.  No More Hell to Pay, which includes the original lineup, hit the streets on November 5.  The buzz has been brewing for several weeks as the band has been releasing samples and even streamed the entire album a few days ago.  

First, it’s important to admit a strong bias, upfront.  I’ve been a Stryper fan since 1983.  Those were the days of parachute pants, cassettes, and mullets.  Thankfully, we’ve moved on.  But Stryper only continues to improve.  Four guys in their 50’s know how to deliver the goods.  This is no-nonsense, melodic hard rock that honors the Lord Jesus Christ.   This very well-produced album is their hardest rocking album to date – a venerable feast for the ears.  Michael’s vocals are as strong as ever.  The guitar work is terrific.  The visual time-keeper doesn’t miss a beat.  And we can actually hear Tim Gaine’s pumpin’ the notes on his bass!

The opening track, Revelation, is a thundering tune that reminds listeners that there will be an accounting for sin.  God’s wrath will be unleashed on every unrepentant person.  The revelation will bring a final reckoning.

The title track, No Hell to Pay picks up where To Hell With the Devil left off with a hang banging tribute that celebrates the salvation that believers enjoy in Christ.stryperband2013newpromo_638_0

Tunes like Sticks and Stones, Renewed,  Saved By Love, Te Amo, Sympathy, and Legacy highlight Michael Sweet’s powerful vocals and guitar work.  The three-part harmony that has marked Stryper for over three decades is what truly makes this band special.  And who can forget the double-solos that Oz Fox and Michael Sweet bring to the table.  These guys are underrated and deserve to be noticed.

Water Into Wine is a Christ-centered anthem that alerts listeners to the power of the Messiah – the One who healed the sick and casts demons out.

The One takes Stryper fans back to the days of ballads like Together as One and Honestly.  This powerful tune has Michael Sweet’s signature vocals and songwriting written all over it.

For all the critics who counted Stryper out – think again.  Michael, Robert, Oz, and Tim have paid their dues.  The men in yellow and black are back and they’re stronger than ever.   No More Hell To Pay may very well be the comeback album of the year!

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