SACRED WARRIOR – Waiting in Darkness (2013)

swThe 80’s was the decade of great Christian music.  Stryper led the way and several other bands followed.  Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Holy Soldier, and Guardian set a new direction and gave musical hope for a multitude of young people who grew tired of what passed for “music” in that generation.  One band that rose up during those formative years was Sacred Warrior.  What made this band special was their no-nonsense lyrics that confronted listeners with the biblical gospel.  They were never afraid of confronting sin and speaking plainly about the problem of evil.  SW eventually broke up and went their separate ways.

Almost thirty years later, Sacred Warrior has returned with a new lead singer and a fresh, updated sound.  Their new album, Waiting in Darkness has all of the features described above.  The only difference is this: The music is faster and the rock is heavier.  In fact, this is their heaviest album to date.  It should come as no surprise that this brain-rattling music is accompanied by the same non-compromising approach to the gospel.  Each song on the album is a testimony to the gospel of grace.

Track by Track:

The album begins by addressing the problem of evil and the reality of redemption:

Desperately wicked we are born Corrupted seeds/This stronghold grips humanity/The curse of sin

Flesh and spirit raging on the war within/Life or death cursed or blessed the choice is given/In the perfect sacrifice a hope remains                                                   Redemption by shedding of blood love overcame

The title track, Waiting in Darkness is a heavy metal exposition of spiritual warfare:

Through your anger they fuel the fire/Feeding off of your flesh’s sinful desires/Lies and confusion your faith put to the test

Focusing in on all of your weaknesses/We must be vigilant to thwart their evil plight/Be strong in the lord and in the power of his might/Be prepared for war

In Dust and Ashes is a Job-like lament written in the first person that is sure to grip the attention of anyone who is enduring a dark night of the soul:

Oh lord hear my cry/I’m a man with many troubles/ In the regions dark and deep /This world lies heavy on me/Your steadfast love remains/Even though I feel abandoned/Invade my soul/Break the chains of doubt and sorrow/Skin for skin all that I am/Will bless your name in your remain

In dust and ashes I repent/Resolved to make you my content/In dust and ashes I confess/My love for you within this test

Fear Me is a bold declaration of the sovereignty of God.

I speak and the waves obey I am governed by none, sovereign over all  Wisdom begins and ends with me/All authority is mine and I’ll put an end to evil’s reign   For vengeance is mine says the lord/Fear me like you’d fear a raging fire/You’d never run into the flames/Respect keeps you from the pain/Or the ragin of the ocean/You’de never jump into the waves and sink to your grave

Fear me

To deny that I exist/ Suppress the truth for a lie professing to be wise/The wrath I hold will be revealed/This world I will destroy                                                                 Judging all who reject my name

Fans of A.W. Pink will immediately wonder if the guys in Sacred Warrior have been meditating on the classic, The Sovereignty of God!  

Long Live the King continues to confront the listener with the sovereignty of God over all things.

He is the lightning he is on high/Always and eternal and his love will never die/He is forever the answer to the rhyme                                                                                      Of what will be for you and me before the start of time

I hear the thunder I hear the call/The armies of his angels from the royal temple hall/One day is a thousand years, still he’s drawing nigh/Lift up your voice unto the sky/shout the battle cry

Long live the king, Long live the king

Jealous Love is a ballad that glories in the Cross of Christ.


Day of the Lord is the token eschatological metal anthem and is rerecorded from their first studio album, Rebellion.  This one is a real blast from the past!  This is the kind of music that put Sacred Warrior on the map.

Fans of Sacred Warrior will only be encouraged by their latest record.  The music is tight, sounds current, best of all – exalts the Lord Jesus Christ!

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