KUTLESS – Glory (2014)

71RkPU3N1wL._SL1500_I’ve followed Kutless for nearly ten years now.  I’ve enjoyed their music but in all honesty, it would be a stretch to say that I am numbered among one of their fans.  Last year, that changed when I took my kids to a Kutless show.  I was very impressed with four guys who were musically tight and professional.  But more important, their hearts were revealed on the stage that night.  It became evident that the gospel is the true driver of their lives as well as their music.

Their newest release, Glory has only increased my respect for these guys.  The first word that popped into my mind as I listened to these new songs was this – VERTICAL.  A few lyric samples will highlight the vertical dimensions of this terrific album:

In Jesus Name is filled with gospel-saturated themes that give listeners hope as they rest in Christ alone —

Son of righteousness, crucified, hanging on the cross, you paid the price to give us life — In Jesus’ name, our sins are washed away, In Jesus’ name, we are rescued, we are saved.  The love has come to make a way for us.

In Jesus’ name, there is freedom for the broken, In Jesus’ name, there is healing for the hopeless — For all our days, we rest in Jesus name.

You Alone fixates the attention of worship on God in all his glory —

At the Cross, You stretched out your arms, Now You wear the scars, You wear the scars — At Your Name, every knee will bow and every voice will shout, we will shout.  There is no one like You, No one —

Great is the Lord, Ruler of all, You Alone, Conquered the Grave, You are the Way, You Alone, You Alone.

This album is presented as an act of worship to a holy God.  It is filled with cross-saturated lyrics that magnify the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And the music perfectly fits the God-centered song writing.

Many have commented in recent days that Kutless has finally arrived.  I would stand in hearty agreement and note that their arrival has everything to do with remaining faithful to the gospel.  My prediction: Glory will win the Dove Award  but will probably be passed over when the Grammy’s are issued.  My guess is that the boys in Kutless could care less.  With hearts that are vertically fixed, their gaze is upon the Savior of their souls instead of the approval of men.  Their reward will never perish, spoil, or fade!

5 stars

One thought on “KUTLESS – Glory (2014)

  1. One of my friends knows Kutless personally, and says these guys are the real deal. I bought Andrew this CD for Valentine’s Day, and I love it. I mean…HE loves it.

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