John Gregorious – Still Voice


He was the best guitar teacher I ever had. Those were the days when I wanted to learn rock scales and riffs. “Teach me the tricks and show me how to rock,” I would say. He was always gracious and taught me exactly what I wanted to learn. That was nearly thirty years ago. If I could press the reset button, I would ask my teacher to school me in the ways of ambient guitar.

The album is called Still Voice. His name is John Gregorious. The record is seasoned and mature. The disc is filled with beautiful harmonies, layered with stunning background vocals that send chills up the unsuspecting spine. The album contains elements that are uniquely haunting; others elements inspire with rich texture and joyful notes.

Gregorious is a tremendous talent that needs to be heard and celebrated. Fans of Phil Keaggy will be impressed with the beautiful phrasing and will no doubt be begging for more. Still Voice is an album that is worthy of an army of listeners. 46 minutes of soul-storing music will capture the attention of music lovers everywhere. Purchase the album today!

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