Gospel People: A Call for Evangelical Integrity – Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves, Gospel People: A Call for Evangelical Integrity (Wheaton: Crossway Books), 143 pp.

Gospel People: A Call for Evangelical Integrity is the latest work from the pen of Dr. Michael Reeves. The author issues a strong plea for Christians to live and proclaim the gospel with biblical humility.

The three components that fortify the backbone of the book include 1) Revelation from the Father, 2) Redemption by the Son, and 3) Regeneration by the Spirit. This biblical template comprises the essence of the gospel and unifies followers of Christ.

After a rigorous and illuminating discussion of the aforementioned points, the author builds momentum by calling followers of Christ to live lives grounded in humility and integrity: “It is the bearing of one refreshed by the gospel,” writes Reeves. “Captivated by the magnificence of God, such evangelicals will not be so drawn to man-centered therapeutic religion. Under the radiance of his glory, they will not want to establish their own little empires … He will loom large, making them bold to please God and not men.” Gospel integrity is the goal of every believer. Reeves paints a wonderful portrait of such a life: “They will be quick to serve, quick to bless, quick to repent, and quick to laugh at themselves, for their glory is not themselves but Christ. This is the integrity found through the lifting up of Christ in his gospel.”

Gospel People is an important book that should be devoured by Christians. The book is clear, biblical, and practical. The clarion call extended by Dr. Reeves should be heard and heeded. The result will be a renewed commitment to living as gospel people – people committed to humility, integrity, and the “faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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