Be Killing Sin

My newest book, Be Killing Sin: The Art of War on the Battlefield of Faith is available now!

The book guides followers of Christ on a journey that exposes the vicious monster of sin, explains the posture of sin and expounds on a plan to defeat it. The book leans heavily on the Puritans, those physicians of the soul who cherished God’s Word and offered godly counsel for spiritual soldiers.

Be Killing Sin is a heart-penetrating read and profitable for both new and seasoned believers who sincerely desire to be exhorted regarding the danger of personal sin and educated on the biblical means of defeating sin in their lives. I highly recommend Dr. Steele’s uncompromising and practical book on this much-needed topic.”

STEVE BALVANZ, Senior Pastor, Spring Creek Bible Church, Bellingham, WA

“I highly recommend that you add this book to your library and read it repeatedly to fortify your soul against the temptations and struggles we all have with sin.”

BRUCE PARKER, Pastor Emeritus, Faith Bible Church, Hood River, OR

Pick up your copy today!

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