The White Flag: When Compromise Cripples the Church – David Steele

The Kindle version of my book, The White Flag: When Compromise Cripples the Church is available for a limited time for only $2.99.

“Here is a passionate call from a pastor’s heart, from a man widely read, who sees with great clarity the difficult situation the church now faces, with opposition without and weakness and compromise within, who believes the battle will be won by the faithful believing and by the courageous teaching and proclaiming of the Word of God.”

DR. PETER JONES, Director, TruthXchange; author of The Other Worldview, Escondido, CA

“In every generation, believers are called to contend earnestly for the faith, and pastors must act as watchmen on the wall, protecting the flock from danger. David Steele does exactly that in The White Flag. This book is overwhelmingly biblical, meticulously thorough, and refreshingly practical. Frankly, I love books like this; books that inform the mind and stir the soul!”

NATE PICKOWICZ, pastor, author of Reviving New England and Why We’re Protestant

“Dr. David Steele exposes a clear and present danger threatening our churches. This is a biblical, bold, urgent call-to-arms reminding us that our Commander-in-Chief has entrusted to us a “Precious Treasure” that must be protected as well as proclaimed.”

WAYNE C. PICKENS, Senior Pastor, Homestead Country Gathering, La Grande, OR

“David Steele is a champion for the truth of God’s word. The White Flag not only exposes the destructive enemy of doctrinal compromise that threatens the contemporary church; it inspires godly courage in all believers to stand firm in defending the truth of Scripture no matter the cost. Read this excellent book to be blessed and emboldened by its timely message.”

STEVE BALVANZ, Senior Pastor, Spring Creek Bible Church, Bellingham, Washington

“A scholar with a shepherd’s heart, Dr. David Steele guides the reader through the waters of compromise. Desiring to see the church pure and sound in doctrine, he pours out his heart with the call to be alert, for the “wolves are growling at the gate.” Dr. Steele’s book is saturated with Scripture and seasoned by his own pastoral experience. A must-read for anyone who loves the church.”

BRYAN PICHURA, Associate Pastor, Valley Heights Community Church, BC Canada

“We are living in a day when not only is truth under attack, it is belittled, and dismissed. Our popular culture continues to churn out a message through the mainstream media that we can be all that we can be if only we will succumb to its message regarding gender roles, abortion, humanity, the climate, and more. Even as secular humanism continues to rise in our day, the Lord continues to raise up voices that challenge the status quo by calling Christians to remain faithful to biblical orthodoxy. One of these voices is Dr. David Steele. In his latest book, The White Flag: When Compromise Cripples the Church, Steele calls his readers to stand firm not in their own might, nor in their own righteousness, but in the righteousness of Christ. Along the way, he not only identifies the problem but points to the cure, Jesus Christ. Steele’s wise and biblical counsel will help new and seasoned Christians to navigate the shifting sands of compromise by buttressing themselves in the ancient paths of sound biblical orthodoxy. The White Flag is a welcome addition to the calls to reformation, revival, and renewal in the church. It not only diagnoses the problem, it lays out a biblical-theological vision grounded in the gospel that will help every Christian navigate the way forward in our hedonistic, humanistic post-Christian culture to the glory of God.”

DAVE JENKINS, Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries, Executive Editor, Theology for Life Magazine, Host, Equipping You in Grace Podcast

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