The Day of Trouble – Joy Tomlinson

Joey Tomlinson, The Day of Trouble: Depression, Scripture, and the God Who is Near (West Lorne: Joshua Press, 2022), 136 pp.

Like a boa constrictor, depression slowly squeezes hope from its victims. Some people struggle in the shadows; others seek help from a counselor, pastor, or physician. Joey Tomlinson’s new book, The Day of Trouble, addresses the topic of depression with biblical clarity and pastoral sensitivity.

Tomlinson acknowledges that depression may stem from personal sin. But he also confesses that some depression is biological in nature. No matter the case, his aim is to offer hope in Christ for anyone who battles in this area. The author approaches the topic of depression holistically and affirms that images-bearers of God and composed of soul and body. This crucial observation helps guide the discussion throughout the book and avoid errors that plague the church.

A Book Worthy of Commendation

Several features make The Day of Trouble a noteworthy book. First, the counsel that Tomlinson offers is deeply biblical. Scriptural meditation is at the heart of the book. As Tomlinson notes, “Meditation is a critical balm for us on the journey of struggle with depression.”

Second, the author draws heavily on the Puritans. These godly stalwarts of the faith are cited frequently and offer a deep well of biblical wisdom that helps bolster the effectiveness of the book.

Next, the book is realistic and encouraging. It never shies away from the horror of depression. But at the same time, it offers gospel-rooted hope that reminds sinners that Christ loves them and will deliver them in their time of need.

Finally, the author reminds readers that depression is temporary. Tomlinson writes, “As we struggle this side of eternity, it is essential for us to remember that a world in which Christ rose from the dead cannot stay the same. It is impossible; therefore, we must hope. And that hope should change our perspective on everything. Just as Christ resurrected in this world, so will we one day.” The book ends on a triumphant note which is centered on the reality of the new heavens and earth, where Jesus will one day make all things new. 

I recommend The Day of Trouble without reservation and trust that the Lord will use it in a mighty way to bring hope, healing, and health to many people.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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