4. The dead guys encourage vibrant Christian living The dead guys have wielded a powerful force for change in my life and have encouraged my Christian growth in ways that are beyond the scope of a 500-word blog post.  Four specific things emerge in particular: Waking Early – There was a day when I felt like wakingContinue reading “DEAD MEN TALKING – Part 4”


2. Dead guys remind us how God can take the most hardened sinner and transform him into a trophy of God’s grace In 354 a baby was born.  His name – Aurelius Augustine.  The young boy was a sinner by birth (Ps. 51:5).  As he grew older, became increasingly comfortable with his status as a sinner.  AsContinue reading “DEAD MEN TALKING – Part 3”


REASONS FOR UNEARTHING THE DEAD GUYS What is the rationale for unearthing the dead guys?  In his introduction to Athanasius’s masterpiece, On the Incarnation (a book written over 1,600 years ago), C.S. Lewis discusses the propensity of many people to gravitate to the new when all the while neglecting the old: “This mistaken preference for the modernContinue reading “DEAD MEN TALKING – Part 2”


The smell of burning flesh hung in the air.  The villagers turned their heads and gasped.  Stray dogs fled.  The man’s wife wept bitterly.  His children watched in disbelief.  The stench was a vivid reminder of who sat on the throne.  Mary Tudor ruled with ironclad authority.  Her subjects were obligated to obey.  Any dissenters would pay theContinue reading “DEAD MEN TALKING – Part 1”

A Biblical Case Against Theistic Evolution – Wayne Grudem, Ed.

Wayne Grudem, Ed. A Biblical Case Against Theistic Evolution (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 256 pp. My first exposure to theistic evolution came almost forty years ago in high school. The notion of theistic evolution was especially troubling to me at that time because the person who espoused it was my science teacher who was aContinue reading “A Biblical Case Against Theistic Evolution – Wayne Grudem, Ed.”

The Seventy Sevens – Ping Pong Over the Abyss

The 77’s first album was originally released in 1983.  So why review an album that is over forty years old?  For starters, the album is now available on iTunes. So anyone that has an old crusty cassette and nothing to play it on should be very excited.  Also, the iTunes release gives many listeners aContinue reading “The Seventy Sevens – Ping Pong Over the Abyss”

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms – Chad Van Dixhoorn, Ed

Chad Van Dixhoorn, Ed. Creeds, Confessions, & Catechisms (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 479 pp. Creeds, Confessions, & Catechisms is a compilation of the major historical documents that have nurtured the church for the past two thousand years. Chad Van Dixhoorn offers a short explanation of each document, giving the historical context and theological impetus forContinue reading “Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms – Chad Van Dixhoorn, Ed”

Rejoice in God!

Open the morning newspaper. Watch the evening news. Pay careful attention to the culture that surrounds us. You will be prompted to protest. You will be cajoled to complain. You will feel the steady pull of pundits who invite you to join their campaign. Emotions will range from fear to frustration. Anger dominates much ofContinue reading “Rejoice in God!”

Redeeming Reason: A God-Centered Approach – Vern Poythress

Vern S. Poythress, Redeeming Reason: A God-Centered Approach (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2023), 181 pp. Vern S. Poythress never disappoints. His writing has encouraged the hearts and illumined the minds of God’s people for many years now. Dr. Poythress continues down the same path with his new work, Redeeming Reason: A God-Centered Approach. Poythress argues thatContinue reading “Redeeming Reason: A God-Centered Approach – Vern Poythress”

Everything is Spiritual – Rob Bell

Rob Bell, Everything is Spiritual (New York: St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2020), 310 pp. In 2011, I reviewed Love Wins, my first book by Rob Bell. The piece prompted praise by conservatives and vicious scorn by progressive Christians and liberals. Whatever anyone thinks about Bell, one thing is for sure: the guy can write. HeContinue reading “Everything is Spiritual – Rob Bell”