Center Church – Tim Keller

I have been reading books about the church for almost thirty years now. Most of the best material is being churned out by Mark Dever and the boys at 9Marks. Tim Keller’s, Center Church is a welcome guest in the growing list of books on ecclesiology. Dr. Keller sets out to communicate one central messageContinue reading “Center Church – Tim Keller”

Born Again This Way – Rachel Gilson

Rachel Gilson, Born Again This Way: Coming Out, Coming to Faith, and What Comes Next? (The Good Book Company, 2020), 146 pp. The LGBT airwaves are filled with opinions and books are being written from every angle – both conservative and liberal. Rachel Gilson adds her voice in her most recent book, Born Again ThisContinue reading “Born Again This Way – Rachel Gilson”

The Gathering Storm – Albert Mohler

R. Albert Mohler, The Gathering Storm (Nashville: Nelson Books, 2020), 223 pp. The postmodern clouds loom large over our heads. What Francis Schaeffer anticipated in the sixties and seventies in now upon us – in full force. What was once suspected has now arrived. The full force of secularism has invaded our culture and isContinue reading “The Gathering Storm – Albert Mohler”

An Introduction to John Owen – Crawford Gribben

Crawford Gribben, An Introduction to John Owen: A Christian Vision for Every Stage of Life (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2020), 190 pp. John Owen is arguably one of the most influential Puritan writers and should likewise be considered one of the most formidable Christian thinkers in the history of the church. Crawford Gribben sets out toContinue reading “An Introduction to John Owen – Crawford Gribben”

Lead: Twelve Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church – Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp, Lead: 12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2020), 225 pp. Paul David Tripp has a special way of delivering a series of “gut-punches” to his readers. These deliberate blows are never meant to harm. Rather, the blows he delivers are meant to build up, encourage, and equip.Continue reading “Lead: Twelve Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church – Paul David Tripp”

When the Stars Disappear – Mark Talbot

Mark Talbot, When the Stars Disappear (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2020), 128 pp. Several years ago, I was introduced to the writing of Dr. Mark Talbot. His sharp intellect and warm heart instantly grabbed my attention. Talbot is well-known for his writing on the subject of pain and suffering. As one who was partially paralyzed inContinue reading “When the Stars Disappear – Mark Talbot”

Stott on the Christian Life – Tim Chester

Tim Chester, Stott on the Christian Life (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2020), 268 pp. Stott on the Christian Life: Between Two Worlds by Tim Chester is the latest installment in the excellent, Theologians of the Christian Life, edited by Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor. John Stott was a formidable figure in the evangelical world, aContinue reading “Stott on the Christian Life – Tim Chester”

Will God Save Everyone? – James W. Walraven

James W. Walraven, Will God Save Everyone? (Enumclaw: Redemption Press, 2020), 311 pp. Christian universalism has been gaining ground in both the academy and the church. As this regrettable trend and theology heresy grows by the day, the responses have been few and far between. James W. Walraven presents a biblical rebuttal of Christian universalismContinue reading “Will God Save Everyone? – James W. Walraven”

Strangely Bright – Joe Rigney

Joe Rigney, Strangely Bright (Wheaton: Crossway, 2020), 117 pp. “Can you love God and enjoy this world?” This question drives Joe Rigney’s newest book, Strangely Bright. Such a question often generates more heat than light as many people are accustomed to downplaying earthly things and emphasizing heavenly things. After all, the well-known hymn encourages usContinue reading “Strangely Bright – Joe Rigney”

When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan – Peggy Noonan (2001)

A number of years ago, I began devouring books about my favorite president, Ronald Reagan  When Character Was King by Peggy Noonan emerges as one of the most thoughtful and inspiring books about the former president. Noonan paints a compelling portrait of President Reagan; a portrait that is an exceedingly human portrayal of a manContinue reading “When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan – Peggy Noonan (2001)”