The Great Cholesterol Myth – Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra

 ME:“Doc, I cycle 100 miles a week, burn at least 10,000 calories a week, take fish oil, and I’m eating better.  I even take advantage of “nature’s broom” by eating oatmeal almost every day.  However, my cholesterol just won’t drop. DOCTOR: “Because of family history and genetics, you simply won’t be able to lower yourContinue reading “The Great Cholesterol Myth – Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra”

BLOODGOOD – Dangerously Close

It’s hard to believe that over 30 years ago, I saw Bloodgood open for Stryper at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  Even though I was fired up to see Stryper for the first time, I’ll never forget being blown away by Bloodgood.  They brought an energy to the stage that I’d never witnessed before.  ButContinue reading “BLOODGOOD – Dangerously Close”

The White Flag Unfurled

These are troubling times. We live in a day which is marked by theological error and apostasy. Leaders are falling, truth is routinely maligned, and compromise is celebrated. A glance across the cultural milieu reveals an unfurled white flag. The white flag has been hoisted high and a diabolical deal has been struck. This flagContinue reading “The White Flag Unfurled”

The Loveliest Place – Dustin Benge

Dustin Benge, The Loveliest Place (Wheaton: Crossway Books), 2022), 198 pp. Mention the word “church” in a casual conversation. The opinions offered will likely render a broad range of adjectives. Some people have been wounded in the church. Some people feel used by the church. Others feel that the church has run its course inContinue reading “The Loveliest Place – Dustin Benge”

Strangely Bright – Joe Rigney

Joe Rigney, Strangely Bright (Wheaton: Crossway, 2020), 117 pp. “Can you love God and enjoy this world?” This question drives Joe Rigney’s newest book, Strangely Bright. Such a question often generates more heat than light as many people are accustomed to downplaying earthly things and emphasizing heavenly things. After all, the well-known hymn encourages usContinue reading “Strangely Bright – Joe Rigney”

Called to Preach – Steven J. Lawson

Steven J. Lawson, Called to Preach (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2022), 203 pp. Etched into the fabric of the cosmos is a special call. This call is the highest responsibility that any man will ever receive. This is the call to preach God’s Word. In his most recent book, Called to Preach: Fulfilling the HighContinue reading “Called to Preach – Steven J. Lawson”

Spineless: Restoring Courage and Conviction to the People of God

Spineless: Restoring Courage and Conviction to the People of God addresses the insipid kind of “Christianity” that has subtly slipped into the church. It carefully diagnoses the decline of Christian courage and traces its tragic demise. The book sets forth a carefully crafted plan for recovering lost ground in our generation. And it presents biblicalContinue reading “Spineless: Restoring Courage and Conviction to the People of God”

How to Know God’s Will – Wayne Grudem (2020)

Wayne Grudem, How to Know God’s Will (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2020), 66 pp. One of the highlights of Wayne Grudem’s ministry is his clear and biblical writing style. His most recent book is no exception. What the Bible Says About How to Know God’s Will is a short book which is focused on one powerfulContinue reading “How to Know God’s Will – Wayne Grudem (2020)”

Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault On Mind, Morals, and Meaning – Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey has done it again.  Her book Total Truth captured the attention of thousands and helped equip a new generation of thinking Christians.  While some consider the term “thinking Christian” somewhat of an oxymoron (think, “military intelligence,” or “jumbo shrimp”), nothing could be further from the truth.  Indeed, clear thinking  and warm-hearted devotion areContinue reading “Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault On Mind, Morals, and Meaning – Nancy Pearcey”

The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God – David S. Schrock

David S. Schrock, The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 199 pp. The Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, published by Crossway Books includes a series of accessible books designed for the non-specialist. The books are basic enough for anyone to grasp but are also invaluable tools for pastors. AsContinue reading “The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God – David S. Schrock”