God the Son Incarnate – Stephen J. Wellum (2016)

Stephen J. Wellum, God the Son Incarnate Wheaton: Crossway, 2016, 496 pp, $40.00 God the Son Incarnate by Stephen J. Wellum is the latest installment in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology Series. This outstanding series, edited by John Feinberg was first introduced with the publication of No One Like Him back in 2001. The authorContinue reading “God the Son Incarnate – Stephen J. Wellum (2016)”


One of the most genuine and repeated phrases I hear again and again is “No creed but Christ.”  It sounds slick.  It sounds trendy.  It even sounds biblical and evangelical.  However, I believe it is time to rethink this so-called Christian mantra. Initially, the slogan seems innocent enough.  It appears to give Christ his properContinue reading “NO CREED BUT CHRIST”