No Final Conflict – Francis Schaeffer (1975)

“It is my conviction that the crucial area of discussion for evangelicalism in the next years will be Scripture.  At stake is whether evangelicalism will remain evangelical.”  So stated Francis Schaeffer in his 1975 landmine, No Final Conflict.  While this treasure was penned nearly thirty years ago, it remains relevant and applicable to 21st-century culture.Continue reading “No Final Conflict – Francis Schaeffer (1975)”

GENESIS IN SPACE AND TIME – Francis Schaeffer (1972)

Great thinkers throughout the course of history have queried, “Where did it all come from?  Who made the cosmos?  What made the cosmos?  What or who holds it all together?  What is the meaning of life?  What is the basis of knowledge?  Where are we heading?  And where do we go when we die?  ForContinue reading “GENESIS IN SPACE AND TIME – Francis Schaeffer (1972)”

CAN SOMETHING COME FROM NOTHING?: Teaching Intelligent Design to Children

Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859 and set forth his theory that all living organisms, including humans descended from a single primordial form. Evolutionists bombard students with the erroneous notion that we are a result of a cosmic accident; that human life arose by chance.  Indeed, evolutionary theory teaches that man isContinue reading “CAN SOMETHING COME FROM NOTHING?: Teaching Intelligent Design to Children”