Reforming Joy – Tim Chester (2018)

Tim Chester, Reforming Joy (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2018), 103 pp. Reforming Joy: A Conversation Between Paul, the Reformers, and the Church Today invites readers on a journey through the book of Galatians. Tim Chester uses the context of the Protestant Reformation as a springboard to unpack two primary themes, namely, faith in Christ and lifeContinue reading “Reforming Joy – Tim Chester (2018)”

The Preacher’s Catechism – Lewis Allen (2018)

Allen Lewis, The Preacher’s Catechism (Wheaton: Crossway, 2018), 216 pp. I am a big fan of catechisms. So when I learned about The Preacher’s Catechism by Lewis Allen, I was intrigued. Actually, I jumped at the chance to read and review this book. Little did I know that this powerful little book would break meContinue reading “The Preacher’s Catechism – Lewis Allen (2018)”

New Calvinism: New Reformation or Theological Fad? – Josh Buice, Ed.

Josh Buice, Ed. The New Calvinism, Christian Focus, 2017, 127 pp. $14.99 “Calvinism is back,” writes David Van Biema, in a Time Magazine article, entitled ‘The New Calvinism.’ The featured article, which was written in 2009 was included in a list of “Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” That’s quite a claim for aContinue reading “New Calvinism: New Reformation or Theological Fad? – Josh Buice, Ed.”

The Affectionate Theology of Richard Sibbes – Mark Dever (2018)

Mark Dever, The Affectionate Theology of Richard Sibbes. Sanford: Reformation Trust Publishing, 2018, 198 pp. $16.00 The Long Line of Godly Men Profiles is a series published by Reformation Trust that has been educating and inspiring Christians for over ten years. Steven Lawson serves as the series editor and oversees this important project. This excellentContinue reading “The Affectionate Theology of Richard Sibbes – Mark Dever (2018)”

The Moment of Truth – Steven J. Lawson

Steven J. Lawson, The Moment of Truth. Sanford: Reformation Trust Publishing, 2018, 227 pp $17.16 Nothing is more important than contemplating the truth. Each person has a specific way of approaching the truth. For example, the Sophists did not believe in absolute truth – they were relativists. Protagoras said, “Man is the measure of allContinue reading “The Moment of Truth – Steven J. Lawson”

Spurgeon on the Christian Life – Michael Reeves (2018)

Michael Reeves, Spurgeon on the Christian Life. Wheaton: Crossway, 2018, 181 pp. 192 $14.95 Spurgeon on the Christian Life by Michael Reeves is the latest installment in the Crossway Series, Theologians on the Christian Life. This excellent book covers some basic biographical information on the Prince of Preachers. He is rightly described as a manContinue reading “Spurgeon on the Christian Life – Michael Reeves (2018)”

Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? – James Boice

James Boice. Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace?  Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2001. 224 pp. $14.76 James Boice was the well-known pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He held that post for thirty years, faithfully executing his duties with a primary emphasis on expository preaching. Dr. Boice loved the doctrines of grace. His sermons wereContinue reading “Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? – James Boice”

The Life and Theology of Paul – Guy Prentiss Waters

Guy Prentiss Waters, The Life and Theology of Paul Orlando: Reformation Trust, 2018, 132 pp. $15.00 It was one of the most dramatic conversion experiences in redemptive history. The apostle Paul, formerly Saul of Tarsus was miraculously transformed into a man who found his delight in God. Guy Prentiss Waters tells the story of Paul’sContinue reading “The Life and Theology of Paul – Guy Prentiss Waters”

Some Pastors and Teachers – Sinclair Ferguson

Sinclair Ferguson, Some Pastors and Teachers. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2017, 802 pp. $45.00 The day that Sinclair Ferguson’s new book, Some Pastors and Teachers arrived, I was like a kid in a candy store; a monkey in a banana factory; a shark in blood-infested waters. Gazing at the table of contents causedContinue reading “Some Pastors and Teachers – Sinclair Ferguson”

Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation

Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation by Michael Reeves is a short, yet powerful look at the story that helped shape the Protestant Reformation. Reeves has done a splendid job at surveying the history behind the Reformation and alerting readers to the theological tension and truth that emerged. The author includes just enough biographical informationContinue reading “Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation”