The Happiness of God – Part 2

Jonathan Edwards helps us comprehend the reality of God’s happiness: “It is of infinite importance … to know what kind of being God is. For he is … the only fountain of our true happiness …”1 Notice, then, several reasons for God’s happiness. The Reasons for God’s Happiness God finds happiness in himself The primaryContinue reading “The Happiness of God – Part 2”

The Happiness of God – Part 1

In the film, Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell is criticized for his desire to train for the Olympic games. In the midst of their discussion, his sister Jennie essentially accuses Liddell of having a problem with idolatry. Liddell utters these words that prove to be the best line in the movie: God made me fast,Continue reading “The Happiness of God – Part 1”