SCANDALOUS:The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus – D.A. Carson (2010)

Don Carson writes good books.  His new book, Scandalous is no exception.  The essays in Scandalous are the fruit of Carson’s work at the 2008 Resurgence conference at Mars Hill in Seattle.

Carson recounts the story of the cross of Christ and his resurrection with the clarity and insightfulness that we have grown to expect from him.

The author zero’s in on the ironies of the cross.  Carson beautifully captures the subtle realities that emerge as Christ approaches the cross and dies for sinners.  Everyday realities are seen and evaluated in the shadow of the cross; grieving sinners, stinky corpses, and crushed dreams.  Carson weaves through narratives and reflects on the hope that emerges in a suffering Savior and resurrected Savior.

Carson skillfully unpacks crucial doctrines that pertain to the cross of Christ, drawing the reader closer to a better understanding of the gospel.  I recommend Scandalous to new and veteran Christians alike.

4.5 stars

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