CONSPIRACY OF KINDNESS – Steve Sjogren (2008)

Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren is written to motivate Christians to begin a lifestyle of evangelism.  The author promotes a fresh style of sharing one’s faith, namely servant evangelism.  Sjogren argues that “God is looking for people who are willing to participate in acts of love and kindness to those outside their present circle.  He is looking for people who believe that a humble demonstration of love plants a seed of eternity in the hearts of others that will blossom into faith in Christ.”   Moreover,  he contends that the message of the gospel must be spoken and shown to the world.  Words without action are simply meaningless.

Servant evangelism according to Sjogren is “demonstrating the kindness of God by offering to do some act of humble service with no strings attached.”  This brand of evangelism works because anyone can do a simple act of kindness.  It bridges an important credibility gap since many unchurched people view Christians as hypocrites.  Ultimately though, servant evangelism enables an unchurched person to receive love in a tangible way and many times open up to talk about the Savior.

Sjogren maintains that modern Christians need to learn to emulate the example of Jesus.  We need to see the world through the eyes of Christ.  The author observes that Jesus held five key paradigms: Jesus saw through the eyes of the kingdom of God, the eyes of Scripture, the eyes of mercy, the eyes of his culture and the eyes of reality.

The author further describes various forms of evangelism ranging from low risk to low grace and high risk to high grace.  He holds that we should primarily be engaged in low risk and high grace in terms of evangelism.  Such an approach enables God’s presence to manifest itself in practical ways and enable the most timid to impact a community with the love of God.

Having effectively demonstrated the effectiveness and viability of servant evangelism, Sjogren proceeds to give practical tools that will enable any group of believers to begin to immediately affect their respective communities.  The section entitled “nuts and bolts” gives excellent advice for starting servant evangelism projects at the grass-roots level.

Steve Sjogren has written a terrific book.  His heart for reaching the lost is evident on every page which motivates the reader to action.  He writes clearly and uses plenty of examples that help the reader understand how to implement his strategy.  Sjogren’s work is incredibly practical.  He refuses to engage in a theoretical approach to evangelism.  Rather, he shows clearly how to impact communities for the sake of Christ.

4 stars

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