DUG DOWN DEEP: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters – Josh Harris (2010)

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris uncovers the importance of understanding and embracing a solid theological framework.  It is in many ways a gracious answer to the typical post-modern response to doctrine.

Harris walks the reader through a handful of important branches of systematic theology including the doctrine of God (theology proper), the doctrine of the Bible (bibliology), the doctrine of Christ (Christology), the doctrine of salvation (soteriology), the doctrine of the church (ecclesiology), and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology).

The final chapter is worth the price of the book as Harris promotes the notion of “humble orthodoxy.”  His admonition to seriously pursue truth is a blast of fresh air in a culture where doctrine and theology are often frowned on – even in the church!  Harris writes, “We live in a world of truth and lies.  We live in a world in which God’s true revelation and the smooth words of charlatans and false prophets compete for our attention … Love for God and love for neighbor require opposing falsehood.  There is nothing more unloving than to be silent in the face of lies that will ruin another person” (p. 221).

Dug Down Deep is a terrific book for high school students or beginning Bible College students.  It is an excellent introduction to systematic theology that will likely lure serious students of God’s Word into deeper waters.

4 stars

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