I am thankful for the Basics of the Reformed Faith Series, a collection of booklets released by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing.  These short treatments (with the exception of the booklet on infant baptism) are extremely helpful and should be a part of every Christian library.

Philip Graham Ryken tackles a crucial topic in, What is the Christian Worldview? Dr. Ryken is the former pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church and will be installed today (July 1, 2010) as the president of Wheaton College.

Ryken initially defines worldview as “a well-reasoned framework of beliefs and convictions that gives a true and unified perspective on the meaning  of human existence.”

The author presents a four-fold matrix that comprises a Christian worldview:

Creation “the way Almighty God created the world and everything in it, including the people he made in his own image.”

Fall“the way we turned away from our Creator, choosing to live for ourselves rather than for his glory, and thus came under the curse of a sinful world.”

Grace “the way God is saving his people from sin and death through the crucifixion and resurrection of his Son.”

Glory “the present and future preeminence of Jesus Christ over the everlasting kingdom of God.”

Ryken skillfully unpacks the four components of the Christian worldview and makes direct application to the life of the believer.

I cannot recommend this work highly enough.  It is a terrific introduction to worldview study.  It is brief, yet thorough and has the unique ability to appeal to a wide range of students.

5 stars.

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