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Eric J. Alexander has hit the bulls-eye in his little book, What is Biblical Preaching? While not designed to be a textbook on the subject, it adequately describes the preaching task.

Alexander maintains that biblical preaching can be boiled down to eight key propositions:

1. Biblical preaching is fundamental in its importance.

2. Biblical preaching is spiritual in its essence.

3. Biblical preaching is didactic in its nature.

4. Biblical preaching is expository in its form.

5. Biblical preaching is systematic in its form.

6. Biblical preaching is pastoral in its concern.

7. Biblical preaching is clear in its structure.

8. Biblical preaching is relevant in its application.

The author unpacks each proposition as he carefully builds a case for biblical preaching.

One note about the final proposition, the point concerning relevance.  The battle cry I repeatedly hear from professing evangelicals is, “We need relevance.”  I am personally convinced of the importance of relevance.  After all, if a ministry is not relevant, needs are probably not being met, the people of God are probably not being fed properly, and the culture is probably not being impacted by the people of God.  However, if the battle cry for relevance drowns out the other seven propositions that the author rightly promotes, that approach in itself may initially appear relevant, but in the final analysis will only result in a compromised ministry that caters to carnality and leaves the people of God hungry for the truth of God’s Word.  In short, irrelevant “relevance.”  May God have mercy on the church that clamors for relevance but leaves the flock in a malnourished condition!  Nothing could be more irrelevant than a watered down ministry.

Alexander has done a tremendous job compiling the key priorities of biblical preaching.  His work is highly recommended.

5 stars

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