October 5 marks the 307th birthday of America’s premier theologian, Jonathan Edwards.  He is America’s greatest philosopher and intellectual.  Martyn Lloyd-Jones recognized this and admonishes the serious Christ-follower:

“My advice to you is this: Read Jonathan Edwards.  Stop going to so many meetings; stop craving for the various forms of entertainment which are so popular in evangelical circles at the present time.  Learn to stay at home.  Learn to read again, and do not merely read the exciting stories of certain modern people.  Go back to something solid and deep and real.  Are we losing the art of reading?  Revivals have often started as the result of people reading volumes such as these two volumes of Edwards’ works.  So read this man.  Decide to do so.  Read his sermons; read his practical treatises, and then go on to the great discourses on theological subjects.”

The legacy of Jonathan Edwards continues as his life, influence, and writings make a difference in the hearts and minds of believers all around the world.

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