CULTURE SHIFT: Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truths – Al Mohler (2008)

“I am glad Al Mohler is on our team.”  I kept uttering these words to myself as read through Al Mohler’s book, Culture Shift.  Dr. Mohler consistently serves up an unrelenting diet of timeless truths that support the Christian faith in winsome and intellectually appealing ways.  Perhaps John Piper has said it best: “Albert Mohler is a steady guide, unrelentingly clear-headed.”  He has a way of sorting through the cultural muck; warning Christ-followers and admonishing them to serve as change agents in a disintegrating culture.

Culture Shift could be used as cliff notes for informing and educating Christians about the drift taking place in our society.  Mohler discusses a wide range of topics including politics, parenting, education, suffering, abortion, war, epistemology, law, and secularism.

Culture Shift is not intended to be the final answer on any of these subjects.  Rather, each topic is covered in a general way but includes riveting suggestions for penetrating post-modern culture in a caring and Christ-centered way.

4 stars

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