THE AEDYN CHRONICLES: Chosen Ones – Alistair McGrath (2010)

I could not resist reading The Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen Ones by Alistair McGrath.  Dr. McGrath combines his skills as a theologian with a vivid imagination to produce a tale of adventure and good versus evil.

Peter and Julia are the main characters who enter an enchanted garden, similar to the world of Narnia that was conceived in the mind of C.S. Lewis.  Peter is captivated by an Enlightenment influenced worldview while Julia is more emotive, dare I say “postmodern.”  She comments at one point, “Truth isn’t always logical.”

The two main characters enter the land of Aedyn and face the challenge of “freeing the slaves.”  They are to restore the land to the Paradise of the Lord of Hosts.  These slaves are captives to the so-called Lords of Aedyn: the Jackyl, the Leopard, and the Wolf.  The Lords of Aedyn are a wicked lot and seem to bear  a strange resemblance to the world, the flesh, and the devil.

While the primary task of Peter and Julia is to free the slaves, there is an over-arching theme that points to a Deliverer, the Lord of Hosts who will “visit and restore his people.”  One character notes, “The Lord of Hosts will visit and restore his people.  He has seen our suffering at the hands of our oppressors, and the time has come.  He has raised up a deliverer  who will break the power of the dark lords.”

The Aedyn Chronicles is a fun read.   Children over the age of eight should be able to pick up the main storyline and enjoy  the action and adventure.  However, something larger is at stake here.  McGrath seeks to introduce the Christian worldview to his readers and he does so quite skillfully.  The key themes of covenant, kingdom and Christ emerge in a subtle and powerful way.  This story unlike many popular fantasy books (use your imagination) finds righteousness reigning.  Evil is presented in vivid terms, but righteousness clearly wins the day.  Finally, I see The Aedyn Chronicles an effective means of discussing the Christian worldview with my children.

4 stars

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