J.A. Myhre, A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue. Greensboro: New Growth Press, 2016, 131 pp. $15.99 Fiction is a creative way to convey truth and spark the imagination. This genre is especially helpful with young readers who are impressed with a good story and intrigued by interesting characters. J.A. Myhre captures the imagination ofContinue reading “A BIRD, A GIRL, AND A RESCUE”

THE COLUMBUS CODE – Mike Evans (2015)

Modern day readers in search of a thriller packed with action, intrigue, and espionage turn to authors like Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, or Tom Clancy. Readers looking for historical drama may turn to Dan Brown or Bernard Cornwall. When I learned about the chance to read and review Mike Evans novel, The Columbus Code, IContinue reading “THE COLUMBUS CODE – Mike Evans (2015)”


Sin and salvation.  Grace and greed.  Mercy and justice.  Good and evil.  Truth and lies.  God and the rejection of God.  These are just a few of the themes that emerge in Victor Hugo’s monumental work, Les Misérables. Bob Welch, author of seventeen books has been touched by Hugo’s story and has a passion toContinue reading “52 LITTLE LESSONS FROM LES MISERABLES – Bob Welch (2014)”

A WALK ACROSS THE SUN – Corban Addison (2012)

In the nineteenth century, the British politician, William Wilberforce began a movement that led to the abolition of the slave trade.  His robust Christian faith fueled his resolve to see tyranny destroyed and people created in the imago Dei set free.  Today, there are 27 million slaves in the world.  1.2 million are children, enslavedContinue reading “A WALK ACROSS THE SUN – Corban Addison (2012)”

ISCARIOT – Tosca Lee (2013)

Traitor.  Betrayer.  Disloyal.  Unfaithful.  Two-timing.  Treacherous.  Treasonous.  Faithless.  Son of Perdition.  Words that should never appear on the epitaph of any man.  Yet these words hardly begin to describe the man we know as Judas Iscariot.  But there is another side to Judas.  He was a man; a man made in the image of God.Continue reading “ISCARIOT – Tosca Lee (2013)”


Fire of the Raging Dragon by Don Brown is a military thriller that sends readers into a fictional battle that escalates between the United States and China.  Tang Qhichen, the Chinese president sends his Navy to strike an island in the South China sea – controlled by Taiwan.  At the center of the story, is aContinue reading “FIRE OF THE RAGING DRAGON – Don Brown (2012)”

CALICO JOE – John Grisham (2012)

John Grisham’s newest novel proves that he is not done writing.  Calico Joe is a departure from the typical legal thriller that readers have grown to love over the years.  This short novel tracks the inner sanctuary of a young boy whose father is a major league pitcher – and a major league loser.  ThisContinue reading “CALICO JOE – John Grisham (2012)”

THE BONE HOUSE – Steven Lawhead (2011)

Steven R. Lawhead’s, The Bone House is the second book in the Bright Empires Series.  Lawhead continues to develop his imaginative work in this novel – a blending of C.S. Lewis, John Bunyan, Dan Brown, and Albert Einstein. The Bone House is a fascinating mixture of fantasy, ontology, metaphysics, science, and time travel.  But theContinue reading “THE BONE HOUSE – Steven Lawhead (2011)”

HEART OF ICE – Lis Wiehl (2011)

Lis Wiehl comes out swinging in her third installment of the Triple Threat series.  The setting of the book is Portland, Oregon.  Three friends from different backgrounds work in tandem to neutralize a vicious psychopath.  Allison Pierce is a prosecuting attorney.  Nicole Hedges is a FBI investigator.  And Cassidy Shaw is a news reporter. WiehlContinue reading “HEART OF ICE – Lis Wiehl (2011)”

EYE OF THE RED TSAR – Sam Eastland (2010)

The Eye of the Red Tsar combines suspense, good detective work and is laced with action throughout.  Set in the former Soviet Union, the book follows Pekkala, an inspector who is faced with the daunting task of locating the Romanov’s killers and located the remaining living Romanov, Alexis. This fictional thriller follows some of theContinue reading “EYE OF THE RED TSAR – Sam Eastland (2010)”