A Walk Across the Sun – Corban Addison

In the nineteenth century, the British politician, William Wilberforce began a movement that led to the abolition of the slave trade.  His robust Christian faith fueled his 1402792808_bresolve to see tyranny destroyed and people created in the imago Dei set free.  Today, there are 27 million slaves in the world.  1.2 million are children, enslaved by the sex trade industry in India.  These horrifying realities are a painful reminder of the sin that pollutes our world; they harken back to the days of Wilberforce.  Yet today, very few appear willing to pick up the cause that Wilberforce began.

First time author, Corban Addison delivers a heart-wrenching, mind-rivetting, spine-tingling thriller that exposes the human trafficking/sex trade industry in his novel, A Walk Across the Sun.  Readers should be forewarned that this novel is not for the faint at heart.  The author paints a grizzly portrait of the underworld; a world that exploits women and children and panders to the diabolical deeds of men.

I can’t say enough about Corban Addison.  He writes with Grisham-like precision which ultimately leads to a redemptive end.  He gives enough details to educate readers to this horrifying industry which carries the ultimate aim of involvement, reformation, and the obliteration of slavery around the world.  The book is a mixture of unmitigated evil and unvarnished beauty.

Many thanks to my friends, Ron and Mark for alerting me to this book.  I’ll never doubt you again!

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