THE WALK: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus – Stephen Smallman (2009)

When I coached tennis in college I placed a tremendous amount of stress on fundamentals.  My players were filled with chagrin when I told them to leave their racquets at home.  The reason: We would devote ourselves to fundamentals of good tennis before we ever stepped onto the court.

Understanding the fundamentals are important in any endeavor including the Christian life.    Stephen Smallman concentrates on the fundamentals of Christianity in his book, The Walk.


In part one, Smallman generally defines a disciple as “one who is devoted to learning the ways and following the example of a teacher or master.”  However, he specifically states, “A disciple of Jesus is one who has heard the call of Jesus and has responded by repenting, believing the gospel, and following Jesus.”  He rightly describes true conversion as “faith and repentance” (or two sides of the same coin).

The author boldly promotes the notion that there is “no distinction between a disciple and a Christian.”  How often have you heard someone say, “My buddy is a Christian but he is not yet a disciple.”  Or, “My uncle has not made Jesus, lord of his life.”  Smallman repudiates these erroneous beliefs with clear, gracious language and biblical arguments.

The big story of Scripture is explained, namely, Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.  Additionally, the author includes a helpful discussion on the authority of Scripture and the importance it plays in the life of a disciple.


Part two includes four important components of discipleship:

  • Know the gospel itself
  • Know how you came to believe the gospel
  • Know the benefits of believing the gospel, i.e. doctrine
  • Live a life that flows from the gospel, i.e. gospel obedience


The book concludes with a practical section on disciples making disciples.  The author continues to drive home the point concerning discipleship, that is, “The call to salvation is also a call to follow Jesus as his disciple … Discipleship involves a total surrender to become ‘living sacrifices’ … Following Jesus on his mission also means that his disciples are now participating in the plan of God to bring all nations into the light of the gospel.”

Justin Taylor rightly remarks, “Stephen Smallman has given us a great gift with this book.”  The book is written with new believers in mind.  It is simple without being simplistic.  It is relentless in its presentation of the gospel.  All the arguments are linked to the cross of Christ.

This book includes helpful and practical assignments at the end of each chapter.  Use The Walk with new believers and those in need of renewal.  It is sure to be a valuable discipleship tool for years to come.

4 stars

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