FOR THE FAME OF GOD’S NAME – Sam Storms and Justin Taylor, Ed. (2010)

Three years ago, Sam Storms and Justin Taylor came up with a great idea.  They would collaborate on a book that honored the life and ministry of John Piper.  Anyone familiar with Piper’s pastoral ministry and prolific writing will recognize the mammoth undertaking that stood before Storms and Taylor.  But they went to work, securing an army of pastors and theologians who agreed to write on their assigned topic.

This is an almost impossible book to review.  Each chapter stands alone and appropriately honors the life and legacy of John Piper.  The book is composed of seven parts:

Part One: John Piper

Part Two: Christian Hedonism

Part Three: The Sovereignty of God

Part Four: The Gospel, The Cross, And The Resurrection of Christ

Part Five: The Supremacy of God In All Things

Part Six: Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

Part Seven: Ministries

Readers familiar with Piper will immediately recognize these emerging themes and consider each theme an accurate reflection of his life, theological passion, and ministry.

Looking back through the book, I think Jon Bloom’s comments concerning John Piper is probably an accurate reflection of every contributor: “John Piper’s influence on my life is incalculable.  Because of John I am more deeply in love with Jesus and his church.  My marriage, my children, my prayers, my love of Scripture, my vocation, my possessions, where I live, how I lead, what I read – all have been profoundly influenced by him.”

For the Fame of God’s Name is an inside look at what makes John Piper tick.  But more important, this work magnifies the sovereign plans and purposes of a great and majestic God – the God who is “most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”  This work is a feast for the intellect and a boon for the soul.  Pastors and parishioners alike will benefit from this treasure trove.

5 stars

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