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Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips cuts to the core of the evangelistic task.   The purpose: to study key chapters in John’s gospel and learn evangelism from Jesus himself.

In part one, the author discusses basic principles of evangelism that is drawn from the example and witness of John the Baptist.  The author reminds, “A Christian witness is first and foremost about Christ … We need to declare that Jesus saves people from their sins.”

In part two, the author zero’s in on Jesus’ witness to Nicodemus and unpacks a theology of the Gospel.  He stresses Christ’s imperative in John 3, “You must be born again.”  A strong emphasis is rightly placed on monergistic regeneration.  Specifically, God alone regenerates the human heart.  There is no human cooperation.  And sovereign regeneration enables sinners to believe the gospel.

Part three includes a discussion of Jesus’ witness to the Samaritan woman and includes Jesus’ method or practice of evangelism.  The author spends time developing Jesus’ dynamic approach to evangelism and shows how he deals directly with sin.

Jesus the Evangelist is an important tool that should be utilized by anyone who has a passion for lost people.  This work is unique because it provides a solid theological framework for evangelism and a workable methodology. 

3.5 stars

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