DECISION POINTS – George W. Bush (2010)

Decision Points by President George W. Bush is a book that every American ought to read.  The former president chronicles his early days in politics and honestly shares his weaknesses and decisions that he regrets.

Decision Points is possibly the most honest and candid book I have read to date.  Mr. Bush consistently takes the blame for decisions he made and refuses to cast blame on others. He congratulates others on their successes when he could have taken the credit himself.  Indeed, Mr. Bush embodies the sentiment of President Reagan who once said, “There’s no limit to what you accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Mr. Bush discusses decision points that concern stem cells, war, Hurricane Katrina, and the financial crisis. This well written memoir bears witness to the importance of strong character, moral integrity, and a love for God, country, and freedom.  And while the former president is primarily concerned with the consequences of his decisions during his time in office, this is a vivid reminder of the importance of future decision points, crucial turning points that will impacts generations to come.

4 stars

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