IF YOU BITE AND DEVOUR ONE ANOTHER – Alexander Strauch (2011)

Alexander Strauch serves up another “New York Steak” in his latest work, If You Bite & Devour Another.  Galatians 5:15 is the passage that drives the book as he sets forth biblical principles for dealing with conflict.

Strauch offers readers a ten step process for handling conflict in a biblical and practical manner.  The foundational principles include 1) Acting in the Spirit, 2) Acting in love, and 3) Acting in humility.  The remaining principles help readers deal with specific issues that are generally associated with conflict.  The author encourages readers to control anger, the tongue, and criticism.  Additionally, he invites readers to pursue reconciliation and peace.  Finally, Strauch focuses on dealing with false teachers and controversy with courage and integrity.

Strauch writes in a way that readers have grown accustom to over the years.  The principles are biblical and the application is always practical.  His biblical exposition is faithful to the text and the exegetical legwork is rooted in the cross work of Christ.

Pastors and elders who need help navigating the choppy waters of conflict should place an order for Strauchs’ latest “entrée,”  If You Bite & Devour One Another.

4 stars

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