THE GOSPEL COMMISSION: Recovering God’s Strategy for Making Disciples – Michael Horton (2011)

Michael Horton has been on somewhat of a writing streak in recent days.  Earlier this year, he released his magnum opus, The Christian Faith, a systematic theology that ranks highly along with theologians such as Wayne Grudem and Robert Reymond.  In 2008 he embarked on an important study that included Christless Christianity and The Gospel Driven Life.  Horton completes this theological trilogy with The Gospel Commission: Recovering God’s Strategy for Making Disciples.

Horton’s work articulates the Great Commission in a compelling way that motivates followers of Christ to welcome others into God’s covenant family and challenges the presuppositions concerning the evangelistic task.  Horton wastes no time in critiquing ancient heresy and alerting readers to the  alarming contemporary trends associated with the emergent church.

The author helps recover the core elements of the Great Commission and invites readers to seriously consider the mandate before every Christ-follower.  The Gospel Commission is challenging and convicting.  It is an important reminder and calls God’s people to remain faithful to the task.

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