The Donkey Who Carried a King by R.C. Sproul is a short children’s book loaded with great art and a brief story that helps illustrate some important theological principles.  Sproul tells the story of a donkey who carried Jesus (which points to the Triumphal Entry).  The donkey, who struggles with his lot in life, saw Jesus carry one of the beams of the cross and witnessed the persecution he endured.  Ultimately, the story drives home the message of substitutionary atonement and sacrificial love. Several questions are included at the end of the book; questions that are designed to help parents guide their children down the right theological path – a path that leads to eternal life.

R.C. has done it again.  In a few short pages, he has captured some crucial theological realities – pictures included!  Children can thank one of the most important theologians of our generation.  “Thanks Dr. Sproul for bringing the cookies to the bottom shelf!”

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