JESUS: THE ONLY WAY TO GOD – John Piper (2010)

For several years, we have been drowning in a sea of relativism.  This is certainly no secret to anyone who has strolled the postmodern beach that is littered with tolerance trash and the rubbish of situational ethics.  What comes as a shock is that this relativism is slowly creeping into the church.  Like an unnoticed leaky pipe, this diabolical worldview is creeping into the fabric of the church.  If we are not careful, we will soon find ourselves adrift – with no shore in sight.

John Piper addresses these concerns in his little book, Jesus: The Only Way to God.  He aggressively tackles the thorny question, “Must you hear the gospel in order to be saved?”  Piper’s passion is to “convince our minds and strengthen our hearts to do the loving thing, namely, t0 spread to all peoples the good news  of God’s work in Jesus to rescue sinners and someday renew the world.”  His mission is accomplished in six short chapters as he obliterates the heretical ideas of annihilationism and universalism.  He effectively answers the question that concerns whether or not a sincere person can receive eternal life, while never hearing the good news of Jesus’ gospel.  And the answer is a resounding “No!”

“The question for the church in every generation,” Piper writes, is: “Will we submit gladly to the Scriptures?  Will we devote ourselves to understanding them truly, valuing them supremely, applying them properly, obeying them wholeheartedly, and speaking them courageously and publicly?”  Piper’s work is a clarion call to the evangelical world.  It is a clear warning that utters the indispensable need for gospel proclamation – no matter the cost.  Followers of Christ have been duly warned.  Our task is to clearly communicate the Word of God.  Our task is to herald the truth concerning God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our task is to faithfully utter the gospel to the nations!

4.5 stars

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