The Crucial Questions Series by R.C. Sproul is a series of books that address the basic concerns of the Christian life.  What Does it Mean to Be Born Again? discusses what is in my mind,  one of the most misunderstood doctrines in Scripture – regeneration.  To be frank, many people confuse conversion with regeneration.  Sproul does a masterful job at “cutting through the fog” and not only alerts readers to the necessity of regeneration; he delineates the finer points of the doctrine as well.

Sproul argues in simple terms that sinners must be born again.  He points readers to the famous exchange between Nicodemus and Jesus; a conversation that unfolds the necessity of regeneration.

The remainder of the booklet is packed with essential information that concerns regeneration:

  • Regeneration is a mystery
  • Regeneration is the beginning
  • Regeneration is a sovereign work of God
  • Regeneration is immediate
  • Regeneration is permanent

Readers are encouraged to study these essential points and delight in this glorious doctrine.

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