WHAT IS THE TRINITY – David F. Wells (2012)

What is the Trinity by David F. Wells is an outstanding addition to the Basics of the Faith series by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing.

Wells introduces readers to this vital subject matter in a mere 37 pages.  Readers should be aware that the author does not intend to fully unpack the doctrine of the Trinity.  Rather, he merely gives readers of taste of this critical area of theology.  He begins with the unity of God and proceeds to explain the three persons of the godhead.

The author alerts readers to some of the battles that have surrounded the doctrine of the Trinity in church history.  He also makes practical applications that flow out of the doctrine.  Highly recommended for beginning theology students.
“There is so much more than we now know about God’s glorious being and his triune nature.  We stand at the edge of a vast ocean and see just its shoreline.  We cannot see beyond the horizon, though we can be entirely confident that what we cannot know about God is fully consistent with what we do know because of his self-revelation to us.” – David F. Wells

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