THE FORGOTTEN TRINITY – James White (1998)

The Forgotten Trinity: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith by James White is a book that deserves to be read.  Sometimes a given book slips under the radar screen and fails to receive the credit it deserves.  Dr. White’s book falls in this category.  Christian readers are missing out if they have neglected this excellent work.

White reminds the reader that “an unwillingness to worship God as God is and has revealed himself lies behind every denial of the Trinity that appears down through history.”  Indeed, this doctrine as Shedd says, “is the foundation of theology.”  White does a masterful job at explaining this all-important doctrine.

Good definitions of the Trinity are hard to find these days.  But the author provides a working definitions that is biblical and accurately describes the doctrine under consideration: “Within the one Being that is God, there exists eternally three coequal and co-eternal persons, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  White argues, “Every error and heresy on this doctrine will find its origin in a denial of one or more of these truths.”    The rest of the book is committed to unpacking the critical elements of the Trinity.  Heretical movements are explained.  The deity of each member of the Trinity is expounded.  Church history is explored.

The Forgotten Trinity is a powerful book.  In fact, this is one of the first books beginning students should turn to for a basic understanding of the Trinity.  And White is quick to point out the importance of the doctrine: “Almost every single imbalance in worship is due to a corresponding imbalance in our view of God … Christian worship will be vital, consistent, and powerful when the proper attitude toward the triune God is maintained.  When that truth is lost, Christian worship ends.”

5 stars

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