GOSPEL DEEPS: Reveling in the Excellencies of Jesus – Jared Wilson (2012)

1433526409_lJared Wilson continues to swing for the fences in his latest book, Gospel Deeps.  Wilson adds yet another chapter to the growing list of books that focus on the gospel.  Indeed, his thesis is: “the gospel is deep with grace abounding because Jesus is deep with grace abounding.”

In many ways, Gospel Deeps in the natural (or supernatural) extensive of his previous release Gospel Wakefulnessa book that in my mind was one of the most important releases of 2012.

In Gospel Deeps, the author skillfully weaves the realities of the gospel into the fabric of the book.  He glories in the penal substitutionary death of Christ and his glorious resurrection.  He delights in sin that is forgiven all because of Christ’s work on the cross.  And he celebrates the gospel that has both personal and cosmic dimensions.

Gospel Deeps will remind readers that Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin,  and John Bunyan were really onto something.  It will remind readers that the gospel is not only for the unconverted; it is also for the convinced.  And this gospel has the power to change and transform lives.  It will alert readers to this fact: the gospel is deeper than we ever imagined.  Gospel Deeps should be read, shared, celebrated, and re-read – all to the glory of God!

4.5 stars

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