EMBRACING OBSCURITY – Anonymous (2012)

1433677814_lEmbracing Obscurity is written by a nameless author. That’s right, the author is anonymous. And while “anonymous” must ultimately lift the veil for the IRS and reveal a name in order to “donate” a portion of his/her royalties, this clever ploy, is in the final analysis, an ingenious move – a move that reveals a heart of humility, which goes to the core of the book’s purpose.

I must admit, I was skeptical when I approached this book. I read with an extra dose of discernment. After all, it would be just like a liberal to worm his way into the Christian publishing industry and import a host of heretical musings to deceive the faithful.

But the more I read, the more I was impressed. Several highlights stand out that make the book noteworthy. First, the author writes in a popular style that is in touch with contemporary culture. The book does not come across as a theological treatise but has the feel of a devotional book with strong challenges at the end of each chapter.

Second, the author does a good job at introducing Christian theology in a way that is understandable and appealing. While it is certainly not to be confused with a theological diatribe; make no mistake – this author has his theological head screwed on correctly. I hear strong statements that concern the person and work of Christ; clear statements that mark the ministry of the Holy Spirit – in drawing the elect to God, and sanctifying the elect to the glory of God.

Third, the author consciously directs the attention of the reader to the kingdom of God – which is the true barometer of success: “One of the beauties of focusing our priority energies on kingdom work is that we don’t have much to lose if our earthly pursuits don’t turn out the way we hope … Live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ. This is true success.”

Embracing Obscurity is a call to radical discipleship; it is as the title suggests, a call to obscurity.  In the event that God should extend the influence of a person who accepts this call, the author notes, “The purpose of my influential position is to make God’s name great, to advance His kingdom on earth, and to serve others.”  Embracing Obscurity is a call to a life of humble service; service that is patterned after Christ’s example.

“Let’s allow the profound simplicity of Christ’s godly ambitions to overshadow our worldly dreams and desires. Let’s daily incinerate our pride on the altar. As we learn to embrace our humble King, we might just come to appreciate our true and right place in the world.” – Anonymous

“Living for an audience of One is at the heart of embracing obscurity.” – Anonymous

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