WHO IS JESUS? – R.C. Sproul (2010)

“Who is Jesus?” is the name of the book.  In a short 105 page treatment, Dr. R.C. Sproul provides the answer.  Writing with the simplicity and the profundity that we have grown to love over the years, Sproul delivers a satisfying and biblical answer.  
He begins by challenging the liberal view of Jesus – the view that has more in common with a cartoon character than what the New Testament presents.  Sproul sets forth the evidence in a way that any thoughtful person can understand.  He encourages readers to build their understanding of Jesus in the Scriptures: “When we go back to the biblical sources, we recognize that any attempt to understand Jesus must take into account the dangers imposed by our own minds.”  Wise words that many times go unheeded.

Sproul continues his discussion by guiding readers through a prism of titles.  He presents Christ as the “Messiah,” “Son of David,” “Suffering Servant of Israel,” “Son of Man,” “Lord,” “Son of God,” “Logos, and “Savior.”

The book concludes with a guided tour of Jesus’ life.  Sproul includes his birth, baptism, temptation, passion, ascension, and  resurrection.  The author highlights the ascension (a doctrine that is too often ignored): “The ascension is the apex of Christ’s exaltation, the acme of redemptive history to this point.  It is the pregnant moment of Christ’s coronation as King.  Without it, the resurrection ends in disappointment and Pentecost would not be possible.”

Sproul does a fine job answering the question posed in the book.   His answer is short and to the point.  The book serves several noteworthy purposes:

  • A general introduction to Christology
  • A great discipleship tool
  • A discussion starter for skeptics
  • A welcome gift for guests in a local church

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