PLASTIC DONUTS – Jeff Anderson (2013)

17288760Plastic Donuts by Jeff Anderson is a book that explores the important and hotly debated topic of financial stewardship.  At the heart of this little book is the biblical principle that giving is pleasing to God.  The author develops four principles, what he refers to as “acceptable gift truths.”

1. The amount matters.

2. We determine the amount.

3. We give according to our abilities.

4. The heart makes the gift count.

Anderson explains these four principles in simple, down-to-earth language and provides personal illustrations that drive home the respective lessons in meaningful and practical ways.  Each principle is supported with the weight of biblical authority which, in the final analysis makes the book significant.

Tithing in the local church appears to be at an all-time low.  Tragically, parents are not giving children instruction that concerns financial stewardship and tithing.  Pastors rarely offer biblical teaching in this crucial area.  Plastic Donuts is a good place to begin the discussion.  Readers should continue a series study by pursuing works by authors like Randy Alcorn and Larry Burkett for sound, biblical teaching on financial stewardship.

3.5 stars

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