IN IT TO WIN IT: Pursuing Victory in the One Race That Really Counts – Steven J. Lawson (2013)

in_it_to_win_it.1.1Twenty years ago, Steven Lawson penned the book, Men Who Win.  In It to Win It is a fresh and updated version of his original work that points readers to the race that matters, namely, the Christian life.  In It to Win It is packed with practical advice that is saturated with biblical wisdom.  Dr. Lawson directs Christian runners to the starting line and sets forth the aim of the book: “My desire is that God will ignite a fire within you to live victoriously in what truly matters in this life.  My goal is to help you chart your course, set your pace, and point you to the finish line.  My stated aim is to help you design a game plan so that you may ‘run in such a way that you may win.'”  In this short volume, the author successfully guides readers to the blocks and sends them running with the intention of glorifying God.

Readers are encouraged to enter the right race,  pursue rewards, and commit themselves to a rigorous training program.  Healthy runners drink deeply from the never-ending well of God’s Word.  Runners are urged to feast on the truth of God’s Word and strive to attain spiritual victory.  They are encouraged to model the God-centered faith of saints like Abraham, Moses, and Noah.  They are challenged to remove obstacles that hinder them from running the race.  Ultimately, these runners are urged to keep their focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and to faithfully follow him all the way to the finish line.

Dr. Lawson warns runners about the possibility of being disqualified.  He spends some much-needed time warning about the consequences of sexual sin in particular.

At the end of the day, In It to Win It is a practical guide about the doctrine of sanctification.  Sports fans will greatly benefit as the author includes several examples from the world of athletics that he directly ties to the Christian race.  Here is a book to read, digest, and put into action immediately.  And ultimately, this practical guide will help runners enter the right race, run the race with their eye on the prize and cross the finish line – all to the glory of God!

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