rushMost people know him as the conservative radio talk show host.  And most people have an opinion about him.  Many Americans love Rush Limbaugh.  Liberals and social progressives can’t stand him.  But everyone should appreciate what he’s trying to accomplish in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

Limbaugh’s newest book is designed for children as he takes them on a journey to the seventeenth century and introduces them to the pilgrims.  The author employs the fictional tool of time travel to teach some important history lessons that will appeal especially to young readers.

Rush is to be commended for his desire to bring the events of the Mayflower to a readable format that children can enjoy.  Unfortunately, some of the historical data gets overshadowed by the prose.  But Limbaugh does leave readers with the right mindset toward history.  This is a reminder that young and old can appreciate.

3 stars

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