GOD IN THE WHIRLWIND – David Wells (2014)

wellsJeremiah warned the people of God.  He did not shirk his responsibility.  And he never winked at sin.  Jeremiah spoke the truth with clarity and passion.  We are in desperate needs of prophetic voices in our day.  We need men like Jeremiah who are unafraid of compromisers and capitulators.  We need men like Jeremiah who shoot straight and stand straight.

David Wells is numbered among such men.  He has been standing straight and shooting straight since he first published No Place for Truth: Or What Ever Happened to Evangelical Theology in 1993.  I remember the deep impact that Wells writing had on me in those days as a rookie pastor.  Over twenty years later, Dr. Wells continues to shoot straight and stand straight.  He continues to warn the people of God, much like Jeremiah warned Israel in the Old Testament.

Yet, some people just can’t come to grips with reality.  One reviewer on Amazon compares Dr. Well’s with a “grumpy old man.”  He continues, “God in the Whirlwind” is big on complaining, lamenting, and raging against what is wrong and very short on how to make things better.”

At 75, Dr. Wells is getting older.  This much is true.  But to compare him to a grumpy old man is the height of arrogance and the epitome of disrespect.  Dr. David Wells is the author of at least twenty books and has taught at Gordon-Conwell Seminary since 1979. Currently, he is the Distinguished Senior Research Professor at Gordon-Conwell.

David Well’s latest book, God in the Whirlwind is an honest look at culture and Christianity.  He calls followers of Jesus Christ to cast aside the therapeutic vision of God and embrace the God of the Bible who is fully transcendent and immanent, what Well’s refers to as God’s “holy-love.”  Well’s argues for a fresh vision of God that will transform individuals and impact communities for the sake of the gospel: “… We need a fresh vision of God and his character of holy-love.  Our understanding of his greatness gets worn down, sometimes worn out, by the constant rubbing against our highly modernized life  It is this vision, though, this knowing of God, that puts steel into spines and fire into Christian hearts.  When we are God-centered in our thoughts, God-fearing in our hearts, when we see with clarity what his character of holy-love is like, he begins to have weight in our lives.”

4.5 stars

Highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “GOD IN THE WHIRLWIND – David Wells (2014)

  1. David, I had the opportunity to dine with Dr. Wells at Gordon Conceal this past April and he is not only bold and brilliant, but also humble. Thanks for this review. I look forward to reading the book.

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