Christian Worldview: A Student’s Guide by Phillip Graham Ryken is a part of the 1433535408_bReclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series – a collection of books that provide a framework for cultural analysis from a uniquely Christian perspective.  David Dockery serves as the general editor and notes, “At the heart of this work is the challenge to prepare a generation of Christians to think Christianly, to engage the academy and the culture, and to serve church and society.”

Ryken notes how God’s goal is to redeem the entire cosmos.  Indeed, Ryken adds,”If Christ is preeminent, ruling over all things for the glory of God, then we are called to acknowledge his supreme lordship in all of life, every aspect of which is sacred to God.  We are not called simply to trust Jesus for our salvation but also to live for him in everything we do.”

Christian Worldview: A Student’s Guide is a must read for every Christian student in the university system.  It is sure to prompt much discussion, encourage Christian excellence, and equip young believers to impact their world for the glory of God.

4 stars

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